Archangel Reading


This you will be sure to enjoy! As, when the Archangel's are all gathered together, it truly isn’t any different than gathering your favorite and least favorite family members! 

There may be some friendly bickering, the typical know-it-alls, that one no nonsense, blatantly honest voice amongst the crowd, and the squeeze your cheeks and hug you crazily kinda folks in the mix, but nonetheless, it is done with the utmost love and concern for your heart.

So, with the laughter that they bring forth, through their camaraderie, it is done so to make the answers easier to cope with, or to release the tension and doubts that you may have when accepting that the Angels are truly answering your questions directly, in a manner that you will understand yourself.

Each reading is specifically geared to you, based on the questions asked, as a Q&A with the Archangels. You can consider it a free-for-all when it comes to answering, as I can’t promise who will want to speak up, or chirp it, but all questions will be addressed and all conversation will be typed out as it occurs (consider me your Archangel stenographer!).

The 12-Question Reading is $75

The 24-Question Reading* is $125

*The 24 Question Session will also include a special bonus, as I will allow the Archangels to also speak to you about something that they deem is imperative for you to know in the now, as often we aren’t seeing everything as clearly as they can see for us. 

All Readings will be sent to your email of choice, via a multiple page Word document.