Happy New Moon!


New Moon Report for January 16th

As we approach the beginning of the next looming phase, it is imperative to ask yourself what it is that you feel that you are truly here to find in this current time frame.

Is it a new partner? Is it a new career path? Is it a new home that you’d never considered possible? As all signs point to growth, through the releasing of your expectations in this new cycle.

This New Moon says, “Now is the time to let go of what you’ve felt is right for you, as in wanting something other than what is right (as deemed by your heart & soul in unison), the thoughts and expectations that you have created may be the exact block keeping you from the very thing, person or place that is truly right. You see, your imagery and wants may have been leading you to dream of something other than what is ready to present itself to you, leaving you unable to experience either.”

These expectations that we create inform our hearts that we will not be happy with anything other than what we dream about, and this keeps our hearts working in the background, instead of with us, and unwilling to satisfy our current wants.

So, if you are ready to live a more heart based life, and yearn to make progress in truly finding opportunities more suited to your heart’s wants you must first clear other expectations that can, in fact, never suit you. You can do so with a simple declaration, which is as follows:

I will no longer block my growth with thoughts that will not serve my highest good and I open to the possibilities that my heart has in store for me. I release all judgments about my wanting other things, and I open to the knowing that if it hasn’t lined up for me, then it wasn’t right to begin with. I now ask for all negative patterns to also be expelled, and I declare this intention to make room for new growth, new creations and new possibilities. Thank you Universe (or whatever else you’d like to thank)!”

Once affirmed, allow the New Moon to embrace your wishes and see what transpires for you! 

Crowd Sourcing for A Book Deal!


So, today my campaign to find a publisher for my book, Net Worth: Nothing But Heart - How to Leap with Full Trust in the Offerings of the Universe, went live!

While I am still in Greece, this book is the outline of how I got here, and with little in the bank, how my heart helps guide me to others along the way! 

So, if you'd like to read more, and pre-order your copy (as every order get's me closer to a Publishing deal), you can do so here: https://publishizer.com/net-worth-nothing-but-heart/

Happy Wednesday All! 

<3 Me


Full Moon Rising - 2018

Photo on 12-3-17 at 8.07 PM.jpg

As the New Year begins, we have found ourselves admist great change. And, while most consider each New Year as a pertinent time to address and reconsider making changes, it is no longer truly needed. As these changes are occurring without you even needing to think much about them, thanks to the energy of the current time frame.  

So cast away the past, and set your sights to the now, embrace each moment as it comes your way, and go with the knowings that this year, is by far, sure to be one of the best years you will encounter in your living days.


This time frame is energetically set to be a significant time of growth. And, many people are now finally looking at their most inner desires, their most heart felt wishes, and they are learning to cast aside the wants of the ego, in pursuing these beautiful knowings for themselves. 

So, while this reading is truly my most brief reading, it is just this way because I too am enjoying the now. So, while brief, it is still insightful! 

One last message that this Full Moon comes with... are you ready? What you want, now wants you! So, ready yourself for it! OK? 

You are loved, adored and cared for tremendously by the energies that be (whether living in human form, or as energy).

Love, Me

P.S. I hope you like the new website! 

P.S.S. More to come soon!