Full Moon Rising - 2018

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As the New Year begins, we have found ourselves admist great change. And, while most consider each New Year as a pertinent time to address and reconsider making changes, it is no longer truly needed. As these changes are occurring without you even needing to think much about them, thanks to the energy of the current time frame.  

So cast away the past, and set your sights to the now, embrace each moment as it comes your way, and go with the knowings that this year, is by far, sure to be one of the best years you will encounter in your living days.


This time frame is energetically set to be a significant time of growth. And, many people are now finally looking at their most inner desires, their most heart felt wishes, and they are learning to cast aside the wants of the ego, in pursuing these beautiful knowings for themselves. 

So, while this reading is truly my most brief reading, it is just this way because I too am enjoying the now. So, while brief, it is still insightful! 

One last message that this Full Moon comes with... are you ready? What you want, now wants you! So, ready yourself for it! OK? 

You are loved, adored and cared for tremendously by the energies that be (whether living in human form, or as energy).

Love, Me

P.S. I hope you like the new website! 

P.S.S. More to come soon!