There are few beings able to channel realms, such as Lisa can, as she can bring forth any voice, or any sound, in any time period into the present. However, she doesn't limit her offerings to only just entail this! She brings them all together into a cohesive blend of many, but all pertinent, all able to heal, and all heart felt! 

As a CREATRESS, she is able to write, paint and make music, on a variety of instruments.

As a clear CHANNEL, she can access Source and Source in all things, as well as in all realms beyond the now. As a trance medium, she can enter altered states of consciousness, to bring forth voices, that have never been heard before, through talk and through singing.

As a HEALER, she is able to offer her own unique blend of ‘Soul Therapy’, which is where her Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, meets her outer realms of learnings. This, is typically geared to other mediums and energy workers, that are looking to incorporate their daily living situations with their learnings of the beyond. In addition, on occasion, she may offer Energy Healings, through mixed learnings Polarity Therapy and Shamanism techniques, as well as using her abilities to be able to channel Source in each human form, to instruct the energy further. She can also channel vibrations of sound frequencies, particularly the tones in which heal. So, along with the voices that come through her vessel, what you hear will help you start your healing journey. As often, you may also hear someone you once knew, come through to offer you an emotion of love or remembrance, that also aids you heart in healing whatever part of your body has taken on negativity... whether you knew that particular energy in this lifetime or another. Either way you will remember what that person/energy had meant to your heart. 

Her voice will resonate with you, as what you hear... will be felt. 

She is not unlike anyone, she is just openly honest about being all that she is now.