Love Manifesto

This personalized, in depth heart reading, will address all aspects of your romantic and heart felt love interests, both in relating to your own heart in the now, and your energy in the others hearts you face. 

This reading will access the wants of your heart, meaning, only those wants that will serve your greater purpose here, which will help address topics such as what path is your heart on, what partner type suits you now, what partner’s still linger in your heart that may need to be looked at to further accept their teachings and move on, and what is to come once your heart has had the time to navigate old wounds of past and present relationship hurts. 

This is the only in depth, completely love related reading that I can offer you when it comes to seeking love advise. So, while you may already be paired up, if that partner is no longer suiting you, the information will clearly detail what it is that your heart already knows that it is now time to do, or it will advise you as to how you can better further your relationship together - based on the commonalities you share, etc.

And, for those that have been single for a while, or bouncing from partner to partner, it will also help guide you to more readily prepare to open to a romantic partner again (especially for those who have only accepted lovers after a long absence of wanting a live in mate, or to whom have suffered multiple rounds of heartache and heartbreak).  

All-in-all, this is my only, completely romantic/sexual/partnering related reading, so, now is the time to act, to best understand what it is you seek, what it is that may find you, and what it is your heart truly needs you to know when it comes to physical intimate relating-ships. 

And... no questions are needed, as your heart will guide you through this typed offering! 

This Reading is $75

All Readings will be sent to your email of choice, via a multiple page Word document.