Lisa is a clear channel that is able to communicate with Source directly.

Through this channel she is able to tune into any living being, their hearts, their thoughts and to all energies, such as the realms of other entities (angelic realms, or realms of other times in which others are not yet in tune too, etc.). 

She can sense, see, hear, smell and know of things to come, that have been, or that are currently transpiring.

Often, through her talks and writings, she will share her human journey, in correlation with reaching higher states of being. So, her words carry forward the knowings that are needed to get oneself there, too. Her mastery is offered to all who seek her mentorship.

And, in whatever outlet she shares her mediumship skills, it is always done from the heart, for hearts. 

All are able to achieve the same level of growth, in reaching other realms and beings, if only one sets the intention to try. And, should you want to learn how Lisa did it, she loves to offer, through her talks and writings, all avenues in which she meandered, so that you too can start your journey into the heart, the connection to your Soul and to Source Itself.

Commonly, Lisa finds herself guiding others, that want to access learnings more suited to their own  growth, so, she has created a few workshop offerings, geared towards just this, as well!  

Lisa is open to speaking, singing, teaching and communicating at intimate gatherings, festivals and retreats. 

You can check her offerings page for more information on workshop and retreat offerings, and if you prefer something better suited to your specific goal, she can also work with Source to put together a cohesive offering that will fit your event perfectly. 

All she asks is that your gathering, festival or retreat is created with the intention to help others heal, reach higher states of learnings or activate one's growth via touching their heart just enough to open it further.

Should you want to book her, for a future event, feel free to reach out directly.