Soul Therapy

Mingling Everydaydom with the Spiritual Self

Lisa has a Master's Degree from Syracuse University in Marriage and Family Therapy and had seen client's (individuals, couples and families) for almost two years there.

However, she felt that her offerings were beyond the scope of traditional Family Therapy, since she is also an intuitive, Polarity Therapist, and skilled trance medium. She has a strong connection to the understanding of other energies.

So, with her want to blend all of her own journey into mediumship and the struggles that one may face in their day to day lives here, she opts to offer her Counseling to other mediums, healers and intuitives, that too, would like an outlet to share their journey, without the fear of ridicule or misunderstandings. As what others deem normal, is only normal to others who to have also walked the same path. Understanding is what she offers, as well as a comfortable space for you to process, and work through whatever it is that you need to get through, with the addition of intuited guidance along the way. 

In Soul Therapy, she welcomes you to navigate and work on personal issues, or share interests of other avenues of growth that you'd like to learn more about. You will work to incorporate all of your past learnings of yourself, into the you that is present, and delve into the you that you'd like to see before you. 

"Whatever you're wanting to explore, will be explored, and what you seek to find, will be found, in time." 

If you would like a one hour Skype session with Lisa, please feel free to reach out to her directly, at which point she will send you further details, and her current availability.