Intimate Sound Journey's

As a Trance Medium and musician, Lisa is able to bring forth many realms of sound in her intimate offerings. 

As with many offerings of music, it can be used to heal, but in her offerings, it is also the tones in which she will sing, that will offer additional avenues to heal. 

When she takes the mic, you will be stunned by the many voices in which you may hear in one evening, and many will touch your heart directly. And, while there is no telling what you will hear, it is sure to offer you the peace of mind of knowing that what is shared, you will remember for a long time to follow. 

It is in this avenue that Lisa loves to share herself! She herself loves to hear (and feel) all of the beings that are able to enter her vessel... as a Trance Medium, energy is able to enter the body directly, and use her vessel to talk, sing and make movements. However, it is one of her favorite offerings, because before they enter her body, they visit with her, and they show themselves to her. What they look like. What time frame they lived. And, when they take up space in her body, they share thoughts and images of what they could see, and they often share real living moments of who it is that they were singing for and what they felt when sharing themselves at that time. 

You will feel her tones, and her heart speaking very loudly, and each intimate gathering is done with one intention, love for all that exist, whether in form or in energy. 

Lisa is open to offering her Intimate Sound Journey's at retreats and gatherings. She is also open to collaborations with other intuitive musicians, of a variety of sounds (since she can match any instrument appropriately).

So, should you want to collaborate, or book her for an intimate gathering, retreat or festival, feel free to reach out directly.

This offering can also be offered as a fire-side gathering, as many of the energies that come through are native tones. So a fire gathering seems more suitable, as they too would have been gathering with their tribe around the fire to sing, chant and enjoy!