Soul Purpose Reading

This reading is pivotal in the growth of your being, so, take notice to all seekers of the known but not yet known, as this reading will outline your gifts, and how you can better bring them to the forefront. 

Your soul, to which I can communicate with directly, will emphasize areas that you need to look at further, and it will better discuss with you how it will now guide you to others that will also teach you what will be needed, to come in the future, and to better fulfill your walking in your path. Your soul will now be more readily accessible through this reading as what will be shared will be for your best intentions to better know who you are in your fullest form, as your Soul. 

We all have purpose, and this is the one way to truly know why it is that you are here today. 

So, what will you do with the information that you are provided, should you know the very answers to which your heart has always wanted to ask? 

Are you ready to know all there is to know about why you are placed on this earth? And, what it is that you had opted to offer in being here now? 

If so, now is the time to make it known, and when you do your soul will relish your wants, serve your heart further, and accept all that you are, in the now, as being one of the light, that yearns to finally take part in their very purpose here today, on this very beautiful earth! So, be bold, be brazen and go for it! 

And, just like the Voice of the Heart Reading, once you have accessed this information, you will be called on to further accelerate your learnings, by the promptings of your heart and soul directly. So, you may find that everything in your surroundings will start changing rapidy! 

So, with this, your soul leaves you with the following,

“Everything you already know is locked within your heart, but through this offering, you can access your soul’s agreement with you. Meaning… all that is shared, through this offering, will further your soul’s growth, as it is through your first want to accept that you are more than human, that starts the firings of the knowings within your core, and once triggered, it reminds your heart that you do know more, and that you are much, much more than who you appear to be in human form.

So, with that you want to know more, you want to seek more, and you will look for others, who, like you, have also been walking this path… as together, that is who we all are, and separate, well, that keeps you thinking that you are only human - abiding to that schedule, trying to make enough to get by, and keeping it all in order – but that is what I want you to get out of now.

This offering will elevate you to a new light, but only those of heart enough to know that through great change may come strife, but in that strife comes the greater knowings, and the gratefulness of all that you are, and that, is only, LOVE. 

So, get to it! And, help your soul out today!" 

This reading is $75

All Readings will be sent to your email of choice, via a multiple page Word document.