Voice of the Heart Reading


Many of us have difficulty hearing that voice within our hearts, which is actually Source energy. So, since I can channel Source directly, I can access your unique frequency and access your heart’s voice for you. 

So, what this will provide will differ for each person. For some, it may discuss past hurts and how to navigate them now, in order to undo a pattern that hasn’t been able to clear itself. Some may get more details about who they will become, or what paths they should pursue, again only deemed by what your heart feels is a suitable match for you to hear right now. While all will receive insight as to better focus them to hear the voice within.

All will be treated to that feeling of love for themselves once they hear from their heart directly. As it is the voice, your heart will remember and the tone, when read, will remind you that voice is also yours. 

These readings, may also contain snippets of future happenings, or of important relationship tid bits, but will not focus on those aspects as it is your heart’s wants to allow you to hear it first, then it will further guide you on a heart felt path. This is your heart’s want for you and in accessing the voice of your heart, you will further open to it’s knowing’s, to further guide you now. 

This reading will also discuss how to clear anything standing in your way of being a more heart-centered individual, as it is through the voice of the heart that Source remains. And, once this reading is received, and read, it will start accelerating your goals here, because, by stating you are ready to hear that voice, means you are ready to grow!

This reading is $75

All Readings will be sent to your email of choice, via a multiple page Word document.