Workshop, Retreat & Sound Offerings

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Speaking Engagement & Book Signing

Lisa will visit your location, and speak about her upcoming book and other topics pertaining to her journey while writing it. 


How to Leap - 3 Day Workshop Offering

In this workshop, there will be much discussion as to how one can better access their own hearts knowing’s, to better guide them to their purpose here on earth, which will propel them to leap further than they ever thought they could go. 

All activities and talks offered will get one closer to undoing any old patterns that tell them that leaping isn't achievable, as it is, if only that initial fear is released.


Authentically You - 3 Day Workshop Offering

This workshop will address areas that keep one from speaking their truths, and from not being able to be all they know they are already. 

All activities and talks offered will get one to a place of contentment with who they are now, so that they can better look at how to get out of being someone they know they aren't. 


Intimacy Camp For men - 3 Day Workshop Offering

This workshop, will include talk about sharing one’s truths with other men about any feelings of lack, pride, worth in relation to intimacy with others. 

All activities and talks offered will be geared to better acclimate oneself with more intimate interactions with others of the like sex, and we will talk about our upbringings and in our relating to others of the same sex. 


How to Love Yourself Again - 5 Day Workshop Offering

Oftentimes when a long relationship ends, we find that we no longer recognize ourselves.

This workshop includes live discussions, higher avenues of healing, and will include guided meditations, musical offerings, fireside chats and dancing.


Soul Growth - 5 Day Workshop Offering

This workshop, will include talk about all aspects of Soul Growth here on earth. 

We will take part in meditations, affirmation circles, dance and we will hear a lot of music. We will also take time to enjoy nature.

Since there will be much to go over, appropriately planned moments of silence will be planned in to the intensive workshop.


How to Start Accessing your Higher Self & Guides  - 5 Day Workshop Offering

This workshop, will include talk about accessing your higher self and guides, and how to determine the differences between all energies that may come through once you have been better prepared to access these knowings. 

We will take part in many intuitive activities, mediations, affirmations and rituals. 


Mediumship Development - 5 Day Workshop Offering

This workshop, will include talk about all avenues in which to use as tools, when first beginning the  journey into mediumship, as well as the many different jobs that one may find themselves in once these gifts are tapped into. 

We will partake in many hands on intuitive activities, both in the group, split off into pairs, and alone. 

No stone will go unturned, in our pursuits to develop these amazing gifts that we all have access to! 


Empowerment for Women  - 5 Day Workshop Offering

This workshop, will include talk about accessing how to empower yourself after years of feeling less than, not worthy, and devalued based on your sex. 

We will partake in many group activities as the whole, and each activity will bring out your most beautiful aspects of being. 

We will embrace one another, as the beautiful woman we are, and we will share much of ourselves with one another, as when women gather together to lift one another up, that is when we feel empowered enough to also empower others. 


Fireside Singing Circles

This unique offering, held fireside, is shared with purpose as when we all gather together , around the fire, to share our hearts through chanting and just intuitive song, that is when we understand that through sounds we can better connect to one another. 

Sure to be an enjoyable gathering, filled with the mystery of the unknown, as no one will know what will transpire when we gather to just make sounds!


Healing Hearts Singing Circle

This offering is similar to the fireside gathering, however what will be sung will be guided. 

Lisa will guide others, that choose to sing, as to what to sing or chant, as she guides everyone to harmonize, at which point she will add the main chant or vocals, depending on what entities would like to come through her vessel. 

The gathering will take place with the intent to heal all those in attendance, so that is the sole purpose for this very offering. 


Intimate Gathering - Sound Journey, Channeling & Talk

In this unique offering Lisa will come to your location, and share whatever the Universe has deemed important to be shared on that very day.

There will also be channeled singing, channeled communication,  and many beautiful sounds. 

Each gathering is different, yet each suited for the very time frame in which it will be set to take place!